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Amazing Celebrity Tribute Artists

February 15, 2018 | Babsy Artner
My favorite celebrity impersonators
Throughout my career as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator I met many celebrity look-alikes, some of them were really good, but a few were stunningly awesome. Not all of them were even in the tribute-artist-business, but still looked like a certain celebrity. Here’s now my gallery of my favorite celebrity impersonators.
Elvis Presley
Babsy Artner as Marilyn Monroe with Elvis Presley Look-alike Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the one and only “Athletic Elvis” Johnny Sunrise, my number one tribute artist. Johnny does not only look like The King, but he sings and moves like him as well. We met years ago on a set of the German TV talent show “My name is”. The show featured singing look-alikes and Johnny really stood out from all the other contestants. We were asked to shoot some scenes as Marilyn and Elvis for the show teaser and became friends right away. A couple of years later we won a “Marilyn & Elvis look-alike contest”.
Charlie Chaplin
Babsy Artner as Marilyn Monroe with Charlie Chaplin Look-alike One would think the best Charlie Chaplin look-alike is a man, right? Well, not necessarily. A while ago I was booked by Coca Cola for a Christmas party and met the perfect doppelganger of Charlie Chaplin. But to my great astonishment it was a woman! Her performance was simply fantastic, she could even walk like The Little Tramp. I don’t know her name, but she is certainly a professional impersonator.
Charlton Heston
Babsy Artner as Marilyn Monroe with Charlton Heston Look-alike Ever since I was little I have adored Charlton Heston, he was my hero. I’ve watched his classic movies like Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments a dozen times. In my career as a Marilyn look-alike I have never come across a Charlton Heston impersonator. But one day I spotted someone who looked like him. I was hired to perform “Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend” live on stage at an event and backstage I met this lovely gentlemen. He was no impersonator, but I was impressed with his look and charisma.
Antonio Banderas
Babsy Artner as Marilyn Monroe with Antonio Banderas Look-alike It’s my pleasure to present my favorite Antonio Banderas look-alike. His name is Eray, he’s a professional impersonator and very experienced in portraying Antonio Banderas. We met a while ago at an event where we both have been booked as look-alikes.

I hope you enjoyed my little presentation of great look-alikes! Let me know what you think, share this post or leave a comment. Thank you!