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Eurovision Song Contest with Marilyn

May 10, 2018 | Babsy Artner
200 Million viewers worldwide
Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Babsy Artner at the Eurovision Song Contest The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) had its 60th anniversary in 2015. The Grand Final took place on May 23rd in Vienna, Austria and drew almost 200 million viewers. The show was broadcasted throughout Europe as well as in Australia, Canada, China, Russia and New Zealand. The song contest is considered to be the word’s biggest annual TV music competition and as a long-time fan I try to watch it every year.
Marilyn video at the Grand Final opening ceremony
I had the great pleasure to get featured in a video aired during the Grand Final opening ceremony. The show’s motto in 2015 was “Building Bridges”. Part of the concept was to create videos, showing people in two different countries interacting with each other; hence “building bridges”. These short scenes were put together and made into one very funny and touching video. I really enjoyed being a part of it!