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Instagram and Marilyn Monroe

October 25, 2018 | Babsy Artner
Why you should check out Instagram if you’re a Marilyn Fan
Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Babsy Artner on Instagram It’s hard to believe, but I never had a personal Instagram account. I was only posting news once in a while on the Marilyn Fan - The Movie Instagram page. Now I’ve recently looked around for rare, unreleased photos of Marilyn – just like many of you probably do – and discovered her tremendously huge fan base on Instagram. There are countless photos and videos of Marilyn, as well as fantastic artworks of all kinds (drawings, paintings, even sculptures) and of course great stuff you can buy or make yourself. Marilyn fans are just so dedicated and creative!
On Instagram in 2018
So I’ve created my brand-new Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Instagram account! Check it out, join me and leave a comment on your favorite photos. Let me also know about your account, I can’t wait to discover more beautiful Marilyn Monroe Instagram pages!