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Marilyn in Bollywood

April 19, 2018 | Babsy Artner

Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Babsy Artner - Marilyn in Bollywood
Bollywood Passion
Bollywood, as the Indian film industry is fondly called, was a great passion of mine for some years. I was crazy about the colorful movies, the rousing music, and the gorgeous Indian costumes. It was during this time that I became interested in getting a part in a Bollywood movie. I met many Indian producers, directors and actors. I attended auditions and hung around on Bollywood movie sets with people I knew. Eventually I managed to appear in an Indian movie, and produced some Bollywood videos. My efforts got me quite some publicity, in Austria, the UK and even in India. I was featured in magazines and newspapers, and interviewed on TV and radio shows.
The documentary
Then I was asked by an Austrian film production company to star in a feature length documentary film called “Marilyn in Bollywood”. I was happy and honored to join this project. It gave me the chance to combine my passion for Bollywood and my work as an actress and Marilyn Monroe impersonator. The documentary was supposed to follow my journey through Bollywood. It was slated to be filmed in Europe, India, and in the USA. The premiere should have taken place at Cannes Film Festival.
During pre-production a teaser trailer was shot, featuring a Bollywood film set and me as Marilyn Monroe. The teaser never got released and eventually the film was cancelled for various reasons.
I had a lot of fun during my (what I call it) “Bollywood time”, I met so many people from the Indian film industry, made friends and learned so much. But it was time to move on. I believe, every ending is the beginning of something new.