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Meeting Movie Legend Charlton Heston

September 13, 2018 | Babsy Artner
Charlton Heston
Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Babsy Artner with Charlton Heston As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I have adored actor Charlton Heston since I was a little girl. He was my hero and my favorite actor. I was crazy about his movies and watched them over and over again. I’ve seen “Ben Hur” probably a dozen times and I thought he was the best looking guy ever. To this day, Charlton Heston is my number one Hollywood star. I’ve seen most of his movies and I’ve read his autobiography “In the arena”. He might have been not the most versatile actor of all times, but he had charisma.

Just recently I found out that he had met Marilyn Monroe once at a Golden Globe Awards ceremony! I was delighted! Not only had they actually met, although they never appeared in a movie together, but they also were honored with a Golden Globe Award of the same category at the same time. On March 5, 1962 Charlton Heston and Marilyn Monroe got the Henrietta Award (a special Golden Globe award) for being the “World’s Favorite Stars.”
Meeting my hero
Many years after I’ve seen a Charlton Heston film for the first time, I took part in a short story competition. The first prize was a trip to Los Angeles, California (I’ve never been to the US at that time) and a meeting with Charlton Heston, who would present the prize to the winner. I was tremendously lucky, I won! Unbelievable! I had written a short story which I didn’t consider to be very good (at least I never thought of myself as a writer).
Since I was a teenager I wanted to meet my favorite actor and tell him how much I admire him and his work. I could hardly believe my luck.
So, I met Charlton Heston. He was very friendly and nice, and a very tall and overall impressive person. He gave me the prize and we had a warm conversation. When we said goodbye he wished me good luck for my acting career.

Now Charlton Heston is no longer with us, but his legacy will live on.