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Starring in commercials as Marilyn Monroe

March 29, 2018 | Babsy Artner

Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Babsy Artner in a commercial In my early years as an actress, I was cast as Marilyn Monroe in a few commercials. Today I would like to share some behind-the-scenes stories with you about my work on these TV spots. Being an actress and a Marilyn look-alike, I really enjoy performing in a commercial, because it gives me one of the rare opportunities to combine both, the acting and portraying Marilyn. As an actress I usually have to attend a number of auditions to get a part in a TV spot, much to my surprise I never had to do that to get cast as Marilyn Monroe. Most of the time I got booked without even one audition. I was lucky and I’m grateful for that.
Bank Commercial (or “Can you sing a famous song?”)
I was asked to sing a song as Marilyn in this commercial for an Austrian bank. They wanted me to sing I wanna be loved by you, because it’s considered to be Marilyn’s most known song. The singing turned out to be an important part of the whole scene, since I was the only person in this commercial and they had no script; hence, no story. I, of course, agreed to sing. As a Monroe impersonator, I was used to sing on stage, so the singing wasn’t the problem. But only one or two days before the filming was supposed to take place, I got a phone call from the production company and things changed. They told me, they were not allowed to feature the song in their commercial due to copyright issues. They still wanted me to sing, so I was asked to come up with a completely new song. Wow! Now, that was a challenge. I was totally taken by surprise. I had about 24 hours or so to compose a melody and write a few lines of lyrics. I felt quite insecure, but I did it. These lyrics aren’t very sophisticated, but eventually the production company was happy, the commercial was shot on time and I had a lot of fun singing. Boo-boo-bee-doo!
Ice Pop Commercial (or “How many ice pops can you eat?”)
In this commercial for an ice pop I wasn’t the only actor, in fact we were about 10 performers. (I have to mention that I’ve never before acted in a food commercial.) What we had to do in the scene is obvious, we had to eat ice pops and enjoy it big time. Well, this sounds like fun, but the shooting day was very long and we had to repeat the scenes over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, the ice cream was delicious, but I soon began to wonder how long I could continue eating this ice cream before I’d get sick. The other actors didn’t seem to worry. I was clueless. During the takes every actor had to immediately rush to the makeup room to get a touch-up, so we didn’t have the chance to talk with each other much. After a while I found out, that we were not supposed to actually eat the bites of ice cream we took, but to dump it into a bowl. I was relieved. When we were finished with shooting the commercial, every actor was given a pack of the remaining untouched ice pops. I have to admit, I didn’t take it and I didn’t eat ice cream for weeks.
ATM Card Commercial (or “Aren't you forgetting something?”)
This was the first commercial I made as a Marilyn Monroe look-alike. I was rather nervous and inexperienced. I had lines and I was the only person in the commercial. (By the way, all my lines were written in rhymes.) My part was to withdraw cash from an ATM with a card, explain the entire process very charmingly (rhyming), and leave with the cash, but without the ATM card. A few seconds later I was supposed to run back to the ATM, grab the forgotten card and finally walk off. It was a funny little scene, using the naive-blonde stereotype. We started shooting. I played the scene, said my lines, took the money and – I was obviously too much in character – the card. The director frowned at me. I had to repeat the scene a few times, but unfortunately I couldn’t get myself to leave the card in the ATM. Every time when I was about to finish my lines and leave, I automatically took the money and the card. The director was really happy with the way I played the scene, but he begged me to “forget” the card. I eventually got it right, and when I ran back in the second scene to take the card, my apparent happiness and relief were real.

Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Babsy Artner in a commercial